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Crissy's Crafty Candies

crissy's Crafty & Candies

Are you a Vintage, Whimsical, Boho,maybe modern, Adventurous,destination, Las vegas, glam,or perhaps  under-the-sea, beach,Nautical, or even Earthy,rustic, eco-friendly  kind of  person?

We love these and  a lot of other party themes, let's make your dream party come true  in a sweet way.

Brigadeiro gourmet

Gourmet Brigadeiro TRUFFLES

It's Gourmet, it's Brazilian and it's delicious. Gourmet brigadeiro brings beauty to your table and joy to your mouth with tastes and aromas of the best chocolates from all around the world. Treat yourself with the best chocolate.

pink truffle wrappers

truffle flower wrappers

It's handcrafted, it's Brazilian and it's beautiful. These truffle flower wrappers will bring beauty to your table, these little flowers will make your dessert table unforgettable.        

brigadeiro truffles

chocolate Dessert Table treats 

There is nothing in the world that makes people happier than All The Sweet Treats They Can Eat!.Candy Buffets are the latest trend in events. Delight your guests with an authentic and delicious handcrafted dessert table.

map and airmail favor boxes

custom design boxes

Personalized and handcrafted favor boxes. Give your guest something deliciously special to remember your wedding by. These boxes can be customized to your Event/wedding theme.

breakfast at tiffanys favor box

custom  Party  favor BOXES

Here you'll find unique party favors, party supplies, gifts and decorations for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, anniversaries and more. We have a large range of size colors and different shapes of gift boxes.                              

forminha 4 petalas

fabric truffle boxes

These beautiful truffle  boxes will make your party table prettier. You can use with any bite size dessert. We offer a wide selection of colors in fabric and paper to match your event theme.

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We Believe In Handcrafted Food

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Crissy’s Crafty Candies is a small family business located in North Wales, Pennsylvania. We believe that food made with love and care is food made with fresh ingredients and patience like our grandmas used to make.

We handcraft our food products combining the art of traditional cooking and modern culinary science to make fresh tasting food with authentic flavors. We use fresh local produce and spices to make our products and we don’t use any preservatives or artificial additives.

pumpkim spice brigadeiro
gourmet brigadeiro

Always Handcrafted, Always Fresh, Always Made With Love

Blue Bell,Pennsylvania


We work exclusively with handcrafted candies for our online store and events in general. All of our fine candies are handmade in small batches and they are made to order.

We craft over 25 varieties of fine candies and Brigadeiro spreads as well. Along with our usual varieties, we love making different seasonal Brigadeiro flavors, Honey Spice Breads and more.


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