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Like any other Brazilian; I grew up eating brigadeiros. When you’re a kid in Brazil you know that Brigadeiros are the special time at parties, especially at weddings and birthday parties.


It is because the wedding or birthday cake is not complete without Brigadeiros. As soon as the birthday song is sung, toasts are made and the cake is cut, every kid and person in the room knows brigadeiro time has begun.

In a blink of an eye, all of them are gone.

For Brazilians, Brigadeiro is not just a candy, it’s what brings people together. The preparation of this little piece of joy is completely handcrafted. When you’re going to make a big amount of brigadeiros, it’s quite normal to call  friends or relatives for help.



I was raised around a table helping my mom to prepare brigadeiros, fine candies and party snacks . That practice strengthened my passion for cooking.

In 2014 unexpectedly love happened and brought me here to the U.S. At that time I was in Brazil working as a civil servant as an Executive Secretary, but I always had in my mind as a retirement plan to  have a bistro or a catering business. It came before I was planing and brought me my love, now I have the opportunity to share my passion for this nationally beloved Brazilian candy right here in America. Crissy’s Crafty Candies brings all the traditional Brazilian fine candy flavors and sometimes mixes them with beloved and well known American flavors.


I believe that memorable moments always are happening around a table. Whether cooking or sharing good times with family and friends.I always loved to cook since I was a little girl, for me is a way to share love. When you love to cook, you put love in every detail  when you are cooking. Every flavor, every mixture is a way to  please who is eating and show your love for them.
I was raised around a table helping to prepare snacks for parties, brigadeiros, breads with my mom and friends. That practice strengthened my passion for cooking,

Now, I'm here to share these delicious candies of my childhood with you


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