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I believe that memorable moments always are happening around a table. Whether cooking or sharing good times with family and friends.I always loved to cook since I was a little girl, for me is a way to share love. When you love to cook, you put love in every detail  when you are cooking. Every flavor, every mixture is a way to  please who is eating and show your love for them.
I was raised around a table helping to prepare snacks for parties, brigadeiros, breads with my mom and friends. That practice strengthened my passion for cooking,

Now, I'm here to share these delicious candies of my childhood with you



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MBA in Executive Assistance
Brigadeiro,Truffles, and bonbons Course
Fine Candies  Course

love for cooking


Like any other Brazilian; I grew up eating brigadeiros. When you’re a kid in Brazil you know that Brigadeiros are the special time at parties, especially at weddings and birthday parties.

It's because the wedding or birthday cake is not complete without Brigadeiros. As soon as the birthday song is sung, toasts are made and the cake is cut, every kid and person in the room knows brigadeiro time has begun.  In a blink of an eye, all of them are gone.

For Brazilians, Brigadeiro is not just a candy, it’s what brings people together. The preparation of this little piece of joy is completely handcrafted. When you’re going to make a big amount of brigadeiros, it’s quite normal to call  friends or relatives for help.


 How everything started



My Hometown


I was born and raised in Brazil, more specifically in the south of  Brazil, in a city called MaringaParana state. I was raised around a table helping my mom to prepare brigadeiros, fine candies and party snacks. That practice strengthened my passion for cooking. I always were the self-taught kind for everything not only for cooking. When I wanted to learn something I usually  did a lot of reading about techniques & recipes variations etc.  I can say that now in era of youtube tutorials and online course it's amazing how you can learn from the comfort of your house and do whatever you like to do  and turn your passion in a business. I'm very thankful  that the universe allowed me to work with something that I truly love.




My passion for cooking started since my early age,  I remember when I was 7 years old I arrived at home from school, I was hungry  but we didn't have any food prepared in the fridge so I made my first rice pan that day, my mom  was really surprised when she got home because she never  had taught me how to cook anything. After that I was always helping her in the kitchen or taking notes from recipes in TV shows and I always have been an avid learner, I wanted to know how to make confections and cake decorations.

My mom was always a good hostess, in our house at weekends we always had barbecues, our afternoon coffee with cakes, snacks and friends. We're always sharing a good time with friends and family, sometimes even cooking together, (Coxinha, Pastéis, quibes, pamonhas) they are party snacks that I completely love.

At the age of  23 I went to college in my hometown, no I didn't studied Culinary Arts or any kind of cooking course at that time.  I went to night college because I had to work, I wasn't living with my mom at that time so I had to learn to pay bills and to be responsible.  So I opted to study a course called  Trilingual Executive Assistant because of the proximity with the course I actually would like to study  International Relations, at that time I wanted to be a diplomat. 

In 2009 during my second year in college I got a position in a  Government Utility Company as a Customer Service Attendant , It was a God sent gift,  I loved to help people I've learned a lot about the government structures, customer service and office routines. At the meantime of college and work I also started to study for exams to get other government positions and grow in my career. I Graduated in 2011 as a Bachelor in Trilingual Executive Assistant. I'm the first in my family to earn a degree, my graduation Party was a happy day for my mom . After a lot of studies and multiple tries to score the exams for a government position in my field of work, in April of 2012 I finally got my dreamed position but I had to move to another city. 

In the first year that I was living in Chapeco the city that I moved because of my work, that dream to be a Diplomat came back so  I started to plan my studies. English  language was one of the requirements to the exam for that position as a Diplomat. I started to study  English again, looking for improve my skills, so I started to practice in the daily basis, writing and practicing some shy conversations with native english speakers through phone apps, and then I found a very special American that was helping me with  pronunciation, idioms, phrasal verbs and  American Culture. 

That was in November of  2014,  four months later, remember that helpful American? (now he is my husband) he went to Brazil on vacation, we met & we fell in love. After this first meeting everything changed it was hard to be apart (but it's a very long distance relationship). I was super happy  but at the same time I had my work (that I studied so hard to get)  and my life in Brazil with friends and family.  In  September of  2015  I came here to the US to meet my boyfriend’s  family, I was so scared and shy that I could say something wrong that  I could barely order my food in the restaurant, but they were so understanding and helpful (about the language barrier) that made me feel more comfortable to speak without concerns.

 In July  of 2016 I came back to the US with my boyfriend planning stay for a few months to see if I would adapt here. During my first month here my boyfriend proposed and in December 1st (my birthday) we got married :)

I always had in my mind as a retirement plan to  have a bistro or a catering business. It came before I was planning and brought me my love, now I have the opportunity to share my passion for this nationally beloved Brazilian candy right here in America. With Crissy’s Crafty Candies I want to bring all the traditional Brazilian fine candy flavors and sometimes mixes them with beloved and well known American flavors.