Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro - Gift Box

Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro - Gift Box

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The supreme chocolate gift! This is The perfect gift for everyone: anytime, anywhere.The Classic authentic delectable traditional Dark chocolate brigadeiro, with options of Classic Chocolate Sprinkles, Gourmet Sprinkles and 100% Cocoa Powder.

This one is the national pride recipe, when you think about brigadeiro  this is the one that is the original . 

Single Flavor Box: All Classic dark chocolate brigadeiros.


Sweetened Condensed Milk, Cream, Butter, Chocolate, Sprinkles, Cacao Powder, Cacao Nibs.




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This deluxe gift set has the options available in  2, 4 and 6 pieces if you want just to indulge yourself with a treat, but if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth or to give a gift for someone special this box also comes in of 12, 24 and 32 pieces.Enjoy the original brigadeiro recipe.

Box Flavors Options:

  1.  Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro  covered with Classic Sprinkles.
  2.  Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro covered  with Gourmet Sprinkles.
  3.  Brigadeiro Noir (100% cacao powder)  covered with 100% Cacao Powder.
  4.  Brigadeiro Noir (100% cacao powder)  covered with 100% Cacao Nibs.