What is brigadeiro?

 Brigadeiro is a beloved Brazilian chocolate delicacy, the best  definition that we Brazilians could explain what is Brigadeiro, is that,  It's not a truffleit's not fudge, it's not a bonbon, Brigadeiro is unique unto itself. 

Gourmet Brigadeiro

It’s an amazing new concept, putting together the beauty of art of confectionery and the tastes and aromas of the best chocolates from all around the world... It’s the perfect treat to indulge yourself, it’s delicious treat to share amongst your friends, and it’s yummy for sharing at parties, it’s the Gourmet Brigadeiro Chocolate. All of these heavenly, wonderful little treats are lovingly crafted with a rich and creamy texture and a pure, smooth chocolate that you simply can’t get enough of it.

The Gourmet Brigadeiro evoques the chocolate beauty and tastiness in the most high level

Gourmet brigadeiro claims  beauty and elegance

Crissy’s Crafty Candies doesn’t just let it rest at the plain and simple chocolate bar! We’ve taken the concept of treats and goodies and turned it on its head with some of our beautiful gift packages, chocolate boxes and party pieces! And since our chocolate is so wonderfully tasty, you’ll need a box; simply eating one just isn’t enough.

Don’t settle for less; your taste buds deserve something special!

Wedding Brigadeiro Favor Box

Delight yourself

Here at Crissy's Crafty Candies, you’ll find a flavor that’ll perfectly suit everyone’s taste buds, from the appealing, pure white glazing of the perfect white chocolate brigadeiros that’ll guarantee a smooth, ever-so-slightly milky taste that you will adore from the moment it touches your tongue, to the sophisticated, robust, fulfilling taste of a pure, dark chocolate treat, there’s a blend that’ll suit everyone. From milk to white to dark, from peanuts to almonds to pistachios, we have it all!


Customized Gourmet Brigadeiro Gift Box

Customized Gourmet Brigadeiro Gift Box

Brigadeiro is party...

Brigadeiro is  the perfect party delight too. When nobody can decide what to eat, or when you’re fresh out of ideas for that amazing dessert to clean the palette, turn to the amazing taste of our chocolates. It makes an amazing little grab box for all your friends and family, and will give them that something special to remember the night. They’ll be queuing up to find out where you got them from! Don’t disappoint them, and get your desserts on point. The box will go down a treat at any event; birthday parties, pool parties, even weddings.In fact, we offer a special brand and product specifically for the loving couple’s big day!



on a Toast, on a pancake or even just on a spoon.... 

For those of you who can’t get enough of our chocolates, you can even get the fantastic mixture in a spread. Absolutely perfect for the perfect breakfast to get your day started with a smile and a piece of your favourite little treat.